Loral Langemeier, the international “Millionaire Maker,” has partnered with Kevin Harrington, millionaire investor on “Shark Tank”, to make YOU a Shark-Made Millionaire in a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN workshop full of cash for those who play big…

Why Every Tank Needs A Shark

Many years ago, Japanese fishermen had a big problem with the fish they were delivering to their customers.

By the time the fishermen made it back to land with the fish they had captured, the fish were dull, tired, lazy, lethargic – they lost their fresh taste.

After many years and tons of lost fish, the fishermen discovered the best method of delivering fresh fish was to place them in a tank – along with a small shark.

During the trip from the deep blue sea back to the mainland, the small shark would eat a few fish.

BUT the rest of the fish who survived would make it back to the mainland fresh, energetic, lively and amazingly tasteful because they were challenged in the tank.

The shark challenged the fish in the tank, so they constantly had to move around to stay alive – the sharks kept the fish fresh.

The same is true in business:

“Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment.”
– L. Ron Hubbard


There are many moving parts in your tank.

Finance, marketing, database, management, public relations, websites, sales, merchandise – they’re all vital to your wealth and keep your tank lively.

So, if this tank is your business, what does it look like?

Is your business lazy, lethargic and in need of new life?

Is a lack funding keeping you from moving forward?

Have the no’s and naysayers left you feeling defeated?

Are you struggling to express your idea, service or product?

Do you feel stuck in your business?

Are you “swimming” with the wrong fish?

Who’s in YOUR tank TODAY?

What Does A Shark Look Like To You?

A shark is a mentor, a coach, someone with an unbelievable Rolodex, who will fast-track your success. A shark gives you direction, real-world experience, and will take your business and life to levels that you could never achieve on your own.

A shark pushes you to perform at your peak.

Without a shark, you might make a lot of wasteful mistakes – but having one on your team brings you certified experience and creates a FASTER PATH TO CASH.

Both Kevin & Loral have created thousands of multi-millionaires by using their proven wealth strategies … and now they’re going to teach you how to Put A Shark In Your Tank in a never-before-seen workshop.

In this day-and-a-half intensive workshop, you will learn what it takes to attract a shark and why you need them – their money, their experience, their mentorship and their Rolodex.

Loral and Kevin do it themselves.

They use sharks EVERY DAY for their personal businesses, which is why they have such extreme results.

In the past 26 years, Kevin has launched more than 500 products with sales of more than $4 billion worldwide (yes, billion with a “B”). In the past 2 decades, Loral has created thousands of millionaires by showing them how to monetize the skills and resources they already possess.

So, we’ll be honest with you…

If You Don’t Have A Shark In Your Tank…

Your Tank’s In Trouble.

Think about it: Where would you be 3, 6, or 12 months from now if you brought a shark into your world RIGHT NOW, and started making the steps TODAY to take your business to the next level? Never underestimate the value of a mentor and coach who’s already done what you’re aspiring to do!

Who knows, you could become a shark yourself…

The good news is that Kevin and Loral have already done this – quickly.

Through their teachings, Loral has created millionaires in a matter of months, and Kevin has created them in a matter of weeks.

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Watch Kevin light up CNBC

Kevin & Loral want to make you a Shark-Made Millionaire in this NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN workshop for a special early price…

This workshop retails for $1,495.00. Purchase a ticket to it from another event and it’ll run you $1,295.00.

Get it today for our pre-registration price of ONLY $997…
Just $750 for the first 50 who sign up – It’s a STEAL!

Upcoming Put A Shark In Your Tank Events

Put A Shark In Your Tank Special Price Retail: $1,495.00 Event: $1,295.00
Pre-Registration Special: $997.00 … & Just $750 for the First 50 to Sign Up!

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be an inventor to attend this event?

A: No! This isn’t an inventor workshop. If you have a product, service, idea, or even just a drive to change your financial future – this event is for you.

Q: If I don’t have a product to pitch, should I still attend?

A: Absolutely – in fact, there will me many other people at this workshop who are just like you. Some who not only don’t have a business, but don’t even have an idea – they just know they want something different. They want more. Being in this space with successful people and other like-minded thinkers is critical to your success!

What You’ll Learn In This Comprehensive Workshop

  • How to get funded through a Shark, private lender or crowdfunding.
  • The 10 steps to a perfect pitch.
  • How to create concise infomercial-style videos for your own marketing.
  • Why you need a shark in your tank.
  • Proven direct-response techniques.
  • How to get in front of investors looking for the next big idea.
  • How to attract an all-star team.
  • Better business and revenue modeling.
  • How to market to the masses.
  • How to launch rich.

As a special added bonus, 1 person will be selected to leave with GUARANTEED crowdfunding – Yes, cash in
their hand!

Here’s something else you may not know: More than 1,000,000 people apply each year to pitch a shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank…and only a few lucky handful are chosen.

In Kevin’s first year with the show, more than 50,000 people applied – and less than 300 were selected.

What happened to the others? What happened to the other 49,700 people who had ideas?

They never realized their dream.

Their potential went untapped.

They never got help.

They ended up settling…


This is your chance to live with the sharks … and possibly become a shark yourself!

Upcoming Put A Shark In Your Tank Events

Put A Shark In Your Tank Special Price Retail: $1,495.00 Event: $1,295.00
Pre-Registration Special: $997.00 … & Just $750 for the First 100 to Sign Up!

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Put a Shark in Your Tank was designed with YOU in mind.

YOU, the unfilled dreamer and business owner that has a grand idea, but just hasn’t caught the right breaks.

YOU, the budding entrepreneur that has a million-dollar idea and needs someone to turn it into a million-dollar empire.

YOU, the visionary thinker who is ready to leave their day job today and create their own cash cow.

You already have the idea, product or service…now all you need is the right sequence, the proper investing, an all-star team, rockstar marketing, an unmatched Rolodex, and millionaire experience… and YOU would SOAR!

Kevin & Loral have just that!

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Kevin Harrington AND Loral Langemeier will be there live to work side-by-side with you for one-and-a-half days…and who knows, if they like your business, they may fund it themselves!

Countless business owners have paid Loral and Kevin no small amount of money to learn the key wealth strategies they use to create wealth repeatedly and predictably. Save yourself the $50,000 top business owners pay Loral and Kevin for their personal mentoring, and register NOW to save your seat.


This special price of just $750 will NOT last long. Only the first 50 people who understand the value of having a shark in their business and act will get this special price tag.

Remember: This is the ONLY entrepreneur conference where one person is GUARANTEED to leave with crowdfunding. Act now before this deal is removed and returned to regular price.

Please note: This never-before-seen workshop will immediately follow Loral’s 3 Days to Cash workshops and will run from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the first day and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the second day. Put A Shark In Your Tank is specifically designed to set you up for more major success and add even more value to your offer.

Stop Waiting! Reserve Your Seat Now!